Hamed Mohamed Hamed

Central Laboratory For Aquaculture Research, Agricultural Research Center, Ministry Of Agriculture, Egypt.

Received 15/ 9/ 2010

Accepted 27/ 10/ 2010


This research aims mainly at investigation the attitudes of fish farmers about farming carp fish in the Sharkia governorate through identification of attitudes levels towards carp fish culture, and to identify the nature of the relationships between attitudes of fish farmers’ as the dependent variable and some of independent variables.

This research conducted including farmers of Sharkia province, where the total number reach 189 farmers, where data have been collected by using a questionnaire with, personal interviews in the period extended from early May until the end of June 2010 and used frequencies, percentages, and to display the results descriptive, and use the simple correlation coefficient to explore relations correlation between the dependent variable and the independent variables.

The results showed that fish farmers were classified to three categories according to the attitude intensity, a class a negative direction at 56% and class neutral direction by 28.5% while the category of a positive trend is 15.5% meaning that more than half of the respondents were negative toward the farming of carp fish. As for the relations correlation has been positive and significant correlation at the level 0.01 between the attitudes of fish farmers toward farming carp and between each of age, level of knowledge on raising carp, while showing a positive relationship also on the level of 0.05 among attitudes in agricultural and educational status, and area Fish farm, while it was not significant relationship between the rest of the variables and the attitudes among fish farmers about farming carp fish.