Saber M. Mohamed1; Gamal E. Azazy2

and Ahmed M.A. Elbana3

1National Institute of Oceanographic and Fisheries (NIOF), Alexandria.

2Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research.

3 Agriculture Economics Faculty of Agriculture, Ala Zhar University.


This study investigated the economic and social factors affecting fishing from Nile River by identifying the most important factors responsible for economic and social development affecting fishing by following the method of factor analysis, which showed strong relationship Whether positive or negative, between some variables that affect the economic and social development.

Results showed that the factors affect the economic and social development are basically six factors: the first factor is economic and social, the second is social and economic, the third is economic, the fourth is economic, the fifth is social, the sixth is social. These factors together accounted for 82.2% of the total variance, the first factor explain 29.67 % of the total variance. The second factor is about 14.87 % of the total variance, the third factor is about 12.83%, the fourth factor is about 9.79%, the fifth factor is about 8.18%, the sixth factor is about 6.8% of the total variance, these factors are result from the interaction between economic and social variables, which affect economic and social development. In Addition, the study identified the most important problems face fishermen in the Nile River which were social, economic, security, and environmental problems.

Therefore, these six combined factors can lead to economic and social development regarding fishing from the Nile River by about 82.2%, which has been isolated and interpreted from the factors analysis of the variables included in questionnaire.

From the results of the research analysis the following results can be concluded:

1 – The importance of the educational situation and experience in the economic and social development.

2. The impact of low incomes on fishermen has had a clear negative impact on economic and social development.

3. The increase in the number of family members has a negative impact on economic and social development.

4. Fishermen still need to increase attention, awareness and health care.

5- Fishermen are still in need of governmental service institutions.