Abdel Rahman A. Salama and Tharwat E. Dawood

Central Lab. For Aquaculture Research .Economic D. Agricultural Research Center. Giza.

Received 2/ 6/ 2013

Accepted 16/ 7/ 2013


The main objectives of this research were to study the relatively importance of the fish production resources in Egypt as well as the economic factors which affect it during the period 1996 till 2010 aiming to know the possibility in increasing the domestic fish production especially with the spread of cattle and birds disease.

Descriptive and analytical methods were estimated statistical analysis as well as general direction models were used for achieving the goals of the study.

The results of data analysis showed that aquaculture is considered the main source of fish production which contribute with about 71% of the total fish production comes from area represent 2.7% from the total Egyptian fisheries area, followed by lakes which contribute about 14%, then the seas (Mediterranean and Red sea) contribute about 9% and at the end Nile River and its branches which contribute about 7% of the total fish production.

The study found an increasing of annual fish production about 54 thousand ton /per year during the study period from1996 till2010.

The present study has some recommendation for development fisheries and aquaculture activities.

Keywords: Egyptian Fish Resources, Fish production.