Hamed Mohammed Hamed

Dept. of Fish Extension, Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research.

Received 18/ 10/ 2015

Accepted 25/ 11/ 2015


This research aimed to determine the importance relative of the use and preference of extension methods from the standpoint of workers in aquaculture in the fields of (fish farming in ponds, fish farming in rice fields, fish farming in the desert), as well as the relationship between the use of workers for extension methods in aquaculture and between their preferences for extension work, to identify obstacles to use workers in aquaculture for extension methods, and to identify proposals of workers to increase the effectiveness of using extension methods.

The present study was conducted on a random sample reached 95 workers from workers in aquaculture (Central Laboratory for aquaculture research and the General Authority for Fish Resources Development) to achieve the objectives of the study, has been used questionnaire by personal interview as a tool for collecting data, in the period from Feb. to April 2015, and to analyze these data using percentage, arithmetic average, the arithmetic average of profitable and the coefficient of correlation rank Spearman.

The most important results of study that there is a consensus between respondents workers on their use of field visits to fish farmers in the three different systems, and that there is a consensus of the workers on the preference of telephone conversation and field visits, office visits and field extension for these methods, also results show no significant relationship between the rank of use and rank of preference in the three fields of fish farming, where the value of Spearman coefficient reached respectively (0,008), (0,065), (0,716), which is non-significant for the three fields of aquaculture, and the most important problems faced by the use of extension methods is the high cost for field visits, the reluctance many farmers to go to the workers in the office visits, and telephone conversation needs highly efficient in responding to inquiries.

The respondents suggestion to solve these problems by providing all the material resources of the field visits, seminars, extension fields, the provision of hearing aids and visual aids.

Research recommended using the following extension methods to telephone conversation by fish farmers with overcome the obstacles and try to apply mentioned proposals concerning the visit and development of use field visits, contact telephone conversation, office visits, and extension publications.